Humminbird 728 Fishfinder Review

Humminbird 728

Humminbird 728 Review

Fish finder is a device to detect objects like fish and rocks under water. It creates an image on the display screen of everything it finds at the set distance below water. It uses sonar echo sounding technology to identify the object and convert it to visual images. The sonar unit has a transducer. The transducer converts electric energy from the transmitter to sound wave. The frequency of this sound wave is higher than audible range. This sound wave generated by the transducer travels through water. It bounces back to the sonar unit after hitting the object. This is the basic technology of sonar echo sounding system.

Humminbird 728 Fishfinder is a convenient gadget for both amateur and professional anglers. It has DualBeam PLUS Transducers. It generates two beams of sound waves. One is a narrow beam  of frequency 200KHz at an angle of 20deg @-10db. The second is a wide beam of frequency 83KHz @-10db. These two beams can be viewed separately or combined. The narrow beam will focus to fish targets directly. The wide beam will provide a greater coverage to get details. This DualBeam PLUS Technology is an important fishing tool for the anglers. Anglers can use these two beams intelligently to collect information of fish concentration within water. Humminbird 728 Fishfinder covers a depth of 1500ft. This depth coverage is quite good enough for most of the fishing experiences.

Humminbird 728 Fishfinder is available with Transom Mount Transducer. The transducer is fitted just below the hull. This kind of installation increases sensitivity of the fish finder.

User Friendly Technology:

This fish finder is built to demonstrate user-friendly technology.

  • Humminbird 728 Fishfinder has a large display for easy viewing.
  • Custom selection of Digital Read-out.
  • Custom views selection.
  • Pre-set Temperature Alarm.
  • Xpress Menu System.
  • Triplog attachment as optional.
  • 3 Programmable preset buttons to save the useful and favorite views.


Waypoints- 750 and Tracks – 10 w / 2,000 each.

Available Power Output:

  • 500 Watts (rms) and 4000 Watts (peak to peak).

Humminbird sounders are an ideal solution for all your fishing, camping and marine applications. The Humminbird 728 Fishfinder is portable, accurate and suitable for harsh environments in sea water and lake water use.

The Humminbird 728 Fishfinder is available with a user manual Any angler will be able to use this fish finder by reading this manual. The manual is a self-help type document written in simple language.

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