Garmin Echo 150 Review

Garmin Echo 150 Review

Garmin Echo 150

There are many fish finders available nowadays. This gadget was generally for serious fishing business used in the vast ocean. Of course, it does fit that environment as the depths and extent of the body. However, there are new sonar fish finder models nowadays that have been resized to a compact device. One such model is the Garmin echo 150. This is included in the long lineups of the echo series from the navigation equipments company. The Garmin echo 150 along with other models has long been launched and has gained their fair share of compliments as well as criticisms.

All of the products included in the echo series aim for creating and providing an effective tracking system for small boats in freshwater bodies such as lakes and rivers. That is why it is campaigned for inland fishers or recreational anglers. In addition to that, the series will be equipped with their trademark HD-ID target tracking technology. This was especially developed for an efficient way of identifying any fish swimming near or under their water crafts. In addition to that, the company advertises it as being stronger than their previous lineups for freshwater utilization. That is that they focus the power output for the sonar beam transmitters thus its name “echo”.

As for concentrating on the features unique only to the echo 150, this model is special because of its design and size. It is the smallest in the Garmin series. The screen display, when measured diagonally, will only amount to 4 inches as compared to the 550C, the premium fish finder among the group, with a 160 horizontal by 256 vertical, 5 inch, VGA monitor. In fact, only echo 150 and 100 sports off such a size. Whether it is an advantage depends on whosoever will buy and use it. For obvious reasons, it is the cheapest in the bunch costing only $100 in online stores. It will also be able to save up space in your boats. However, when it comes to viewing it in dim lights or perhaps total darkness during nighttime fishing, it will not be as efficient as the other models. That fact that it is in grayscale FSTN display with only 8 brightness levels does not help either for a better viewing purpose.

Nevertheless, as promised when it comes to the power of the tracking features or sonar technology with 200 watts RMS, it will still provide a decent performance. The HD-ID comes with the Fish Symbol ID features. This will incredibly provide icons for any targeted fish. In addition to that, there is the AutoGain Technology. This will be able to help the angler in clearing out the image and in focusing only on the much anticipated catch. You will also get a quality tracing system with the dual-beam sonar transducer that could view a width of 120 degrees and reach depths of 1300 feet in freshwater bodies. It may not be the best as the others in the series are able to beam back as far as 1500 feet but the Garmin echo 150 is still a formidable competitor in the fish finder market. Additional noteworthy features are the alarm system for detection, whiteline indication for what lies underneath and water temperature display. All of these are packed in a the 4.1 inch x 5.8 inch x 2.8 inch device.

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