Garmin Echo 100 Review

Garmin Echo 100

Garmin Echo 100

Since its launch a few years back, the echo series has made an impact in the angling community.  The top notch product from Garmin echo series is the 550c. However, the most modest would have to be the Garmin echo 100. These models are at an extreme when it comes to their specs and features. Though, they do have a few common systems that have been especially employed for this Garmin series especially when it came to the tracking technology.

In general, each of the fish finders has an HD-ID target tracking technology. This is a feature special to the lineups of devices. As an angler, you will be able to use this to your advantage in determining which fish is being picked up by the sonar beams and being shown in the display with a distinction and labeling of aimed fish. There is also the feature of efficiently separating any two fish that are near each other to give an exact count and target. Moreover, all of the Garmin echo series is more appropriate for small boats in freshwater. Therefore, it is a device specifically dedicated to sporting anglers. As a final advantage that is characteristic of all of the models included in the Garmin echo series, the lineups can be easily installed to any craft that is with the quick-release tilt and swivel mount as well as versatile transom and trolling motor mount for both the display and transducers.

While all of these are included in each of the group, the Garmin echo 100 has a few special features as well as unique disadvantages of itself. For the monitor, it is equipped with a 4 inch screen display. It will also only come in a resolution of 160 by 256 in width by height pixel resolution. That is obviously not of superior standards. The sonar is of no high quality or latest specs either. The single beam transmitter will only have a 200 kHz frequency as well as a comparatively weak 100 watt RMS and 800 watt PTP power output. This entails only the greatest depth being 600 feet in lakes and rivers plus a viewing angle of 60 degrees.

What the Garmin echo 100 can offer is affordability because of the usual $80 price tag and compactness of only dimensions of 4.1 by 5.8 by 2.8 inches in width by height by depth comparison. Some people can also consider the performance to be decent or adequate in certain instances. Other additional features that might be helpful for anglers are the trademark Ultrascroll system for providing images even in a high speed water chase as well as the clear alarm to alert the inputted target fish. On that note, the AutoGain Technology will be able to enhance the display as it lessens any blurs and focuses more detail on any fish within the vicinity. The final extras for the Garmin echo 100 is the whiteline marking for providing a clear picture of the bottom and technology for acquiring the temperature of the water.

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